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Ritter Instruments workshop visit by Premier Guitar


Fuzz Guitar Show 2015 – meet the Fab Finns

Fuzz 2015 – from the top

The Fuzz Guitar Show 2015 in Gothenburg (Sweden) runs May 9th and 10th, 2015.

Four Finnish brands garnered considerable interest at the show:

Fuzz 2015 – Lottonen 1

Juha Lottonen and Juha Rinne (Lottonen Guitars) are fast becoming the go-to guys for small-bodied Folk and Blues guitars off the beaten path.
Lottonen Guitars mostly use alder (!) for their necks, as well as birch for many of their backs and sides.

Fuzz 2015 – Lottonen 2

Lottonen employ different bracing patterns and bridge designs to achieve a multitude of different guitar timbres.

Eric Bibb is the most famous Lottonen user.

Fuzz 2015 – Lottonen 3

Fingerstylists and Blues-pickers simply can’t get enough of the Lottonen tone.

Fuzz 2015 – Tyyster 1

Tyyster Guitars’ dynamic duo and their mouth-watering metal-bodied guitars.

Fuzz 2015 – Tyyster 3

Ville Tyyster brought along an unfinished guitar to give you an idea of what goes into the making of a Tyyster Pelti.

Fuzz 2015 – Tyyster 2

Tyyster’s clear lines and cool colours whet your appetite. Their playability and sound will make you want one!

Fuzz 2015 – Versoul 1

Kari Nieminen’s tasteful Versoul Instruments have found their way into the hands of many serious guitar collectors and guitar heroes alike (Ron Wood, Billy Gibbons, just to name two in a long list).

Fuzz 2015 – Versoul 2

This salmon skin-covered 4-watter was definitely one of the show stoppers at this year’s Fuzz.
The all-valve combo can be modified to the user’s requirements by changing the tube types.

Fuzz 2015 – Versoul 3

…and if you have a salmon-skinned amp, you will need the matching, breathtakingly beautiful Versoul Guitar, too!

Fuzz 2015 – Mad Professor 1

Fuzz 2015 – Mad Professor 2

Amp and effect specialists Mad Professor were represented at Fuzz by their Swedish distributors.

Fuzz 2015 – from the top 2

For more Fuzz Guitar Show pictures visit Kitarablogi’s Fuzz 2015 page.


Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015 ++ kuvagalleria ++ picture gallery

MM2015 – Danelectro Baby Sitar

Kitarablogin Musikmesse-galleria on nyt netissä. Löydät sen TÄÄLTÄ.

Check out Kitarablogi’s Musikmesse-gallery HERE.

MM2015 – Marshall Astoria

MM2015 – EBS Sweden new guitar pedals

MM2015 – Boss SY-300 guitar synth

MM2015 – Italia Maranello Speedster XR


ESP 40th Anniversary – Japan Factory Tour


The Holy Grail Guitar Show: The Kitarablogi video


The Holy Grail Guitar Show – as it happened

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it to the Holy Grail Guitar Show:
You can find all the pictures and info on Kitarablogi’s Facebook page (more pictures will be added over the next couple of days)!


The Holy Grail Guitar Show – erittäin vahva suomalainen edustus

HGGS 2014 – Ari-Jukka Luomaranta


HGGS 2014 – Amfisound Tomi + Sampo

Amfisound Guitars

HGGS 2014 – Anders Liljeström

Liljeström Guitars

HGGS 2014 – Juha Lottonen

Lottonen Guitars

HGGS 2014 – Juha Ruokangas + Nemo

Ruokangas Guitars

HGGS 2014 – Jasesoi AP Paasonen

Soitinpaja Jasesoi

HGGS 2014 – Tyyster + Kuloniemi

Tyyster Guitars

HGGS – Versoul

Versoul Instruments


Tarkempaa lisätietoa tapahtumasta saa TÄSSÄ.


THIS WEEKEND: The Holy Grail Guitar Show – Berlin, November 15th & 16th, 2014


The Holy Grail Guitar Show is your chance to get up close and personal with the crème de la crème of small-series and custom guitar makers and luthiers from around the globe!

The Holy Grail Guitar Show – which is put on by the association of European Guitar Builders – will be held at the Estrel Berlin Hotel and Congress Centre in Berlin (Germany) on the 15th and 16th of November.

While the show’s main focus will lie on European builders, the Holy Grail Guitar Show’s exhibitor list (of more than 100 different companies) does include high-end makers from all around the world.

You can find more information HERE. will be there, too!


Here’s a word from EGB vice president Juha Ruokangas:


Tule kokemaan taivaallisia kitaroita! The Holy Grail Guitar Show – Berliini, 15. & 16. marraskuuta 2014


The Holy Grail Guitar Show -näyttely antaa sinulle ainutkertaisen mahdollisuuden tutustua maailman parhaimpiin uusiin kitaroihin, sekä tekijöihin unelmasoittimien takana!

The Holy Grail Guitar Show:n takana on eurooppalaisten kitararakentajien yhdistys The European Guitar Builders. Tapahtuma järjestetään Berliinissä, Estrel Berlin Hotel and Congress Centre:ssä 15. ja 16. marraskuuta.

Vaikka tapahtuman pääpaino on eurooppalaisissa soittimissa, The Holy Grail Guitar Show:n pitkältä näytteilleasettajien listalta (joka sisältää yli sataa soitinpajaa) löytyy myös kitararakentajia esim. USA:sta, Kanadasta tai Japanista. Suomalaisia nimiä löytyy listalta muuten yllättävän monta:


Amfisound Guitars

Liljeström Guitars

Lottonen Guitars

Ruokangas Guitars

Soitinpaja Jasesoi

Tyyster Guitars

Versoul Instruments

Tarkempaa lisätietoa tapahtumasta saa TÄSSÄ. on luonnollisesti myös menossa!


Turenki Tonefest 2014 – the video


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