Changing strings on a steel-string guitar

Here’s what you need: In addition to a fresh set of strings, you should have a wire cutter and a tuner at the ready. An inexpensive string winder makes the process much faster. A steel rule will come in handy, should you want to double-check your ”before” and ”after” setups. Measure your string height at… Continue Reading →

Changing strings – Les Paul -type guitars

Photos: Miloš Berka **** Here’s what you need: A pack of strings, a wire cutter, a tuner and a guitar lead. A cheap plastic crank speeds up the whole process of string winding. A metal ruler comes in handy for measuring the action at the 12th fret before you start. If you take down these measurements it will… Continue Reading →

Review: PRS SE Custom 24 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago a young, bespectacled man introduced the guitar-playing world to the first guitar model from his new company at the NAMM Show. The company from Maryland was only a small start-up, but their beautiful new electric guitar already started to attract a good deal of attention. This young man was none other than Paul Reed Smith, the company PRS Guitars, and their first model the now-legendary Custom 24.

Review: Roland Micro Cube GX + Cube-80 GX

Roland’s popular Cube-series of COSM-combos has recently been updated. The new Cube GX-amps boast some new features, like the iCube Link (first seen in the Cube Lite), which allows you to use the guitar combo as a soundcard with Apple iOS devices. **** The Roland Micro Cube GX (current price in Finland 134 €) is the newest… Continue Reading →

Review: ESP Eclipse-I CTM – English summary

**** ESP’s Eclipse is one of the company’s most successful models, because it fuses effortlessly a classic outline with modern features. The ESP Eclipse is available in many different variations, of which the ESP Eclipse-I CTM (current price in Finland: 1.668 €) is the series’ equivalent to the venerable Gibson Les Paul Custom. A matte-black finish with… Continue Reading →

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