Review: Boss RC-3 Loop Station – English summary

The speed of technological progress in the field of musical equipment is simply astounding. Boss have introduced their new, extremely compact looper pedal – the RC-3 Loop Station – which offers a whopping three hours of sampling time in 44.1 kHz/16-bit linear wave-format.

One of the RC-3’s coolest features is the way the pedal instantly synchs up loops that were recorded ”freehand” (without a click, that is) with its internal drum machine. Everything happens on-the-fly without missing a beat.

The Boss RC-3 can also be used to ”fly in” one-shot samples into your performance. This means you could fly in a dive-bomb sample while playing a guitar solo on a stop-tail guitar, for example.


The RC-3 is a great looper with many different possible uses. Apart from looping and the flying in of sounds, one possible application could be as a sturdy playback machine for one-man acts or clinicians, as the pedal offers three hours of sampling time and 99 memory slots.


Boss RC-3 Loop Station

Current price in Finland: 203 €

Finnish distributor: Roland Scandinavia



+ small footprint

+ clean sound

+ large memory

+ intuitive in use


– small display 


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