Review: EBS Classic Session 30

EBS Sweden’s latest product – the Session 30 – is the company’s smallest bass combo to date, and meant for practicing, recording and home use.


The diminutive and lightweight EBS Classic Session 30 (current price in Finland approx. 169 €) is part of EBS’ Made-in-China Classic-series.

As its name suggests, the Session 30 offers 30 Watts of rms-power.

Its eight-inch speaker sits in a front-ported baffle. The stylish grille cloth is attached in a traditional way using velcro.

The combo’s back is fully closed. EBS have added a separate grounding point next to the power connector, which may come in handy in the studio for combatting mains hum.

The Session 30 weighs just under nine kilos, so it is very easy to carry around by its top handle.

The control panel comprises of four control knobs – with a peak indicator next to the gain control.

For practicing, EBS have added a mini-jack, so you can connect an mp3-player, as well as a full-sized headphones output.

A very rare feature in this price range is the combo’s balanced XLR-output, which makes the Session 30 handy as a studio DI-box with its own monitor. Using the Ground Lift -switch enables you to break possible earth loops safely.


It would be completely unrealistic to expect a mighty roar from such a tiny bass combo.

But I must stress that the EBS Classic Session 30 really delivers the good in terms of its sound quality. This isn’t a murky-sounding piece of junk, but a great little tool – regardless of its very fair price.

This little ’un delivers genuine EBS Classic Series -tone at levels fit for tuition and home use. The bass register is warm, the mid-range tone clear, and the top end has a nice, soft silkiness to it.

The eight-inch speaker and small cabinet will show you the white flag, if the combo is taken to its limits, by vibrating and buzzing, but used sensibly, the EBS Session 30 holds its own nicely.

The combo’s XLR-output works great, and sends a healthy, pristine signal to your console or sound-card.

In my opinion, the EBS Classic Session 30 is a fine little practice amp and a handy tool in the small project studio.


The sound bites were recorded by mixing the combo’s DI-signal with the sound picked up by a condenser mic placed in front of the speaker:

1985 Squier Jazz Bass

1989 Höfner 500/1

1987 Rickenbacker 4003


EBS Classic Session 30

169 €

Finnish distributor: F-Musiikki



+ value-for-money

+ size

+ weight

+ sound

+ DI-output


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