Pictures from Bass Day 2014

Bassopäivä 2014 – yleisö

Bass Day Finland 2014 had a programme filled to the brim with highlights.

In addition to artist clinics there were gear demos, featuring Amfisound Guitars, Fender, DLX Music, among others.

Bassopäivä 2014 – Jan-Olof Strandberg

Bassopäivä 2014 – Puppe Strandberg

Here you can seen Soundtools’ product specialist (and bassist extraordinaire) Jan-Olof Strandberg demoing gear from Mayones, Ampeg, TC Electronic and Audio-Technica.


Bassopäivä 2014 – Jyri Helko + Tuomas Rauhala

For The Imperium’s super-tight rhythm section of Jyri Helko (bass) and Tuomas Rauhala (drums), showed the audience the inner workings of a Progressive Metal band.

Bassopäivä 2014 – Tuomas Rauhala

Bassopäivä 2014 – Jyri Helko


Bassopäivä 2014 – Jerry Meehan

Bass Day main man Marko Liski’s biggest coup was securing Robbie Williams’ rhythm section of Jerry Meehan (bass) and Karl Brazil (drums) for a clinic.

Bassopäivä 2014 – Karl Brazil 2

Bassopäivä 2014 – Jerry Meehan + Karl Brazil

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