Watch the TOOB in action!

The equipment used for each sound was:

Main Lead guitars and distorted rhythm guitar left channel – TOOB 12R (Jensen Jet Tornado Classic 100), Vox MV50 Rock head

Distorted rhythm guitar right channel – TOOB 12R (with optional Jensen Tornado Stealth 80), Marshall Silver Jubilee head / Jet City Amplification JCA22H head

Clean guitar – TOOB 12J (Jensen Jet Tornado Classic 100), VOX MV50 head

Jazz guitar – TOOB 12J, DV Mark Micro 50 head

Bass guitar – TOOB 12B (Celestion BN12-300S), Aguilar TH500 head

The guitars were close miked with a Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon mic and SE Electronics V7X dynamic.

Bass and archtop guitar had a Beyerdynamic M88TG dynamic and SE Electronics T2 condenser.

Mic preamps were a Warm Audio WA412 and a RME Babyface Pro, going into Pro Tools.


• Juha Pöysä – bass, jazz guitar

• Tuomas Pietinen – music composer, guitars, video filming and editing

• Mikko Pietinen – drums, music recording and mixing


Info: TOOB

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