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Using the Volume Control to Adjust Distortion

Before the advent of channel-switching guitar amps using your guitar’s volume control(s) was the main way to adjust your gain level.

This works especially well with amps that have relatively low clean headroom and break up into distortion easily.

In this video I use an approximation of the Who’s live arrangement of ”Pinball Wizard” to demonstrate this way of adjusting your distortion levels.

Guitar: Arvo Guitar with 2 P-90s

Amp: Bluetone Shadows Jr combo (Vox AC15 style amp)

No effect pedals used!


Now on the Custom Boards Blog: Andy McCoy’s Return

Hanoi Rocks’ legendary axeman Andy McCoy has released a brand-new solo album to great acclaim.

Check out Kimmo Aroluoma’s comprehensive blog post on Andy’s equipment, as well as on his current custom-made pedalboard HERE.

The post has been translated by Kitarablogi’s Martin Berka.


Alkuperäisen suomenkielisen jutun Andysta löydät TÄÄLTÄ.


Guitar Porn: Manuel Rodriguez Model A

Maahantuoja: Musamaailma



Coming soon –– Tulossa –– Pickat Picks

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