Burstin taikaa – Blues-demo

Here’s a demo of three Les Paul-type guitars, recorded in the style of mid-Sixties British Blues. I have used the neck humbucker.

The guitars appear in the following order:

1. Green Guitars LP Standard Tesla VR-60

2. LTD (by ESP) EC-256FM

3. Tokai ALS-62

• Amp used – Juketone True Blood (handwired Champ-clone)

• Microphone used – Citronic RM06 ribbon mic

Tulossa Rockway-blogiin: Burstin taikaa

Here’s a short cover version of Led Zeppelin’s classic track ”Kashmir”.

The guitar sequence is:

1. Green Guitars LP Standard Tesla VR-60

2. LTD (by ESP) EC-256FM

3. Tokai ALS-62

The rhythm guitar tracks have been played on the bridge pickup of each guitar, while the lead lines use the neck humbucker.

Equipment used:

Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy delay

Bluetone Shadows Jr. all-tube combo

• Shure SM57

• Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

• Apple Garageband

Tulossa Rockway-blogiin: Encore Blaster -kitarat

Encore Blaster E2 & E6

• solid paulownia body
• maple neck; bolt on
• rosewood fretboard; 22 frets
• Guitar Tech (by JHS) hardware
• Guitar Tech (by JHS) pickups

Contact: Aron Soitin
The demo song is a short cover version of ”Wonderful Land” (Jerry Lordan) in the style of The Shadows.
• Encore Blaster E2 – rhythm guitars
• Encore Blaster E6 – lead guitar
All guitar tracks played on a Bluetone Shadows Jr valve combo and an Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy. Recorded to Garageband using a Shure SM57 and a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB.

Tulossa Rockway-blogiin: DiMavery ST-312 Satin Black

DiMavery ST-312 Satin Black

• solid ash body

• maple neck, bolt-on

• rosewood fretboard with red dot markers

• 22 medium frets

• black chrome hardware: vintage vibrato bridge & sealed tuners

• bridge humbucker plus neck and middle singlecoil pickups

• master volume and two tone controls

• gig bag included 


Demo Song

This is a short cover of ”Wonderful Land” (Jerry Lordan) inspired by Mike Oldfield’s version.

All guitar tracks played on the DiMavery ST-312 through a Mad Professor Simble Overdrive and a Bluetone Shadows Jr. tube combo.

Finnish distributor: Discoland

”Breezin'” – Hagström HJ-800 & Green Fat Bob

A cover version of George Benson’s recording of the Bobby Womack composition ”Breezin’”.

Equipment used

• Bass: Rickenbacker 4003 (direct injected)

• Lead guitars: Hagström HJ-800 & Green Fat Bob

• Rhythm guitars: Hagström HJ-800 (left channel) & Green Fat Bob (right channel)

• Guitar amp: Juketone True Blood (Tweed Champ clone)

• Microphone: Röde M5

• Apple Garageband



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