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The Holy Grail Guitar Show: The Kitarablogi video


The Holy Grail Guitar Show – as it happened

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it to the Holy Grail Guitar Show:
You can find all the pictures and info on Kitarablogi’s Facebook page (more pictures will be added over the next couple of days)!


The Holy Grail Guitar Show – erittäin vahva suomalainen edustus

HGGS 2014 – Ari-Jukka Luomaranta


HGGS 2014 – Amfisound Tomi + Sampo

Amfisound Guitars

HGGS 2014 – Anders Liljeström

Liljeström Guitars

HGGS 2014 – Juha Lottonen

Lottonen Guitars

HGGS 2014 – Juha Ruokangas + Nemo

Ruokangas Guitars

HGGS 2014 – Jasesoi AP Paasonen

Soitinpaja Jasesoi

HGGS 2014 – Tyyster + Kuloniemi

Tyyster Guitars

HGGS – Versoul

Versoul Instruments


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