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Mikko Heikkilä and the new Bluetone Black Face 10 Reverb

Finnish guitarist Mikko Heikkilä demonstrates the brand-new Bluetone Black Face 10 Reverb combo amplifier.

• Handcrafted single-channel all-valve amp

• 10 W output from a pair of 6V6GT tubes

• 1 x 10″ WGS Veteran speaker • Two inputs

• Bright switch

• Negative Feedback switch

• Controls for Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb and Master

• Weight 9 kg

Find more info HERE!


Bluetone Harmonic Tremolo – Here’s a clip for you…


Now on Soundcloud: Bluetone Fried Eye Distortion

Bluetone Fried Eye Distortion

• handcrafted in Finland

• distortion & boost


Demo based on Muse’s song ”Supermassive Black Hole”

• rhythm guitars – Hamer USA Studio Custom (left channel), Gibson Melody Maker SG (centre), Fender Stratocaster (right channel)

• lead guitar – Hamer USA Studio Custom, Morley wah-wah

• reverse guitar – Gibson Melody Maker SG

• amp used – Bluetone Shadows Jr.