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In pictures – AJL-Guitars

AJL-Guitars – Olli Soikkeli model

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)

AJL-Guitars – headstocks

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)

AJL-Guitars – 19%22 Master 400

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)


In the autumn of 2013 Kitarablogi had the pleasure of visiting Ari-Jukka Luomaranta’s AJL-Guitars workshop in Kokkola.
Here are some of the pictures I took on that occasion:

AJ + Model XO 2

AJL Guitars – wood 2

AJL Guitars – top-grade maple

AJL Guitars – tops + fretboards

AJ + neck blanks

AJL Guitars – headstock joint

AJL Guitars – neck glue line

AJL Guitars – 3-pc maple neck blanks

AJL Guitars – different side dots

AJ + top

AJL Guitars – ladder bracing

AJL Guitars – neck angle

AJL Guitars – backs

AJL-Guitars – back and rim sample

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)

AJL Guitars – back bracing

AJL Guitars – raw soundboxes

AJL Guitars – soundboxes 3

AJL Guitars – rosettes

AJL Guitars – bundles of binding

AJL Guitars – close-up binding

AJL Guitars – tuners

AJL Guitars – bridge blanks

AJL-Guitars – X-O bridge

AJL Guitars – AJL tailpiece

AJ + highly figured guitar

AJL-Guitars – XO-model soundhole

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)

AJL Guitars – Swingmaster PU

AJL Guitars – Swingmaster innards

AJL Guitars – handmade case

AJ + Model XO

Find out more about AJL-Guitars on their WEBSITE or on FACEBOOK.
AJL-Guitars will also be at The Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, Germany, in November!


The Genius of Django Reinhardt


New Series Starting In October – The Guild Of Finnish Luthiers


A new series on Finnish luthiers will start on in October.

Over the coming months will introduce all the members/member companies of the Guild Of Finnish Luthiers. We will feast our eyes at the amazing variety, beauty and craftsmanship on display in contemporary Finnish instrument-making.

For more information about the Guild Of Finnish Luthiers go HERE (a link in English is at the bottom of the page).



Our new series will start with AJL Guitars, makers of fine Gypsy Jazz- and Archtop-guitars from the west coast city of Kokkola.

Get the low-down on AJL Guitars from their English-language WEBSITE.


Uusi juttusarja tulossa – Suomen Soitinrakentajien Kilta


Kitarablogissa starttaa pian uusi juttusarja suomalaisista soitinrakentajista.

Sarjassa esitetään Suomen Soitinrakentajien Killassa järjestäytyneet soitinrakentajat/jäsenyritykset. Samalla tutustutaan siihen uskomattoman laajan tarjontaan erilaisia laatusoittimia, joita on saatavilla kotimaisista tekijöistä.

Lisätietoa Suomen Soitinrakentajien Kilta ry:stä saa TÄÄLTÄ.



Uusi sarja alkaa lokakuussa Gypsy Jazz- ja orkesterikitaroihin erikoistuneilla AJL Guitarsilla Kokkolasta.

Lisätietoa AJL Guitarsista saa TÄÄLTÄ.


Hot Club de Finlande and Guests @ Jazz Festival Rataplan, Antwerp 1/2012


Here’s a breathtaking version of Sweet Georgia Brown by Finnish Gypsy Jazz specialists Hot Club de Finlande.

Hot Club de Finlande are:

Ari-Jukka Luomaranta (rhythm-guitar), Ari Tarvainen (double-bass) and Olli Soikkeli (lead-guitar).

Guests on this track are the inimitable Vitali Imereli on violin and the Netherland’s own Paulus Schäfer on lead-guitar.


Rhythm guitarist Luomaranta is the creative genius behind AJL-Guitars, one of the top builders of Selmer-Maccaferri-style guitars in the world today. Check him out!