Preview: Tech 21 Character Plus English Muffy

Here’s a short instrumental demo based on the Who classic ”Won’t Get Fooled Again”.


• Rhythm guitar (left): Arvo Original (Finnish guitar brand), Channel A, no Fuzz

• Rhythm guitar (right): Kasuga (ES-335 copy), Channel B, no Fuzz

• Lick guitar (left): Kasuga, Channel B with Fuzz

• Lick guitar (right): Fender Telecaster, Channel B, no Fuzz

• Lead guitar: Hamer USA Studio Custom, Channel A with Fuzz

• Bass: Rickenbacker 4003, Tech 21 Bass Driver DI


Find more info about the Tech 21 Sans Amp English Muffy HERE.

Now on Soundcloud: Bluetone Fried Eye Distortion

Bluetone Fried Eye Distortion

• handcrafted in Finland

• distortion & boost


Demo based on Muse’s song ”Supermassive Black Hole”

• rhythm guitars – Hamer USA Studio Custom (left channel), Gibson Melody Maker SG (centre), Fender Stratocaster (right channel)

• lead guitar – Hamer USA Studio Custom, Morley wah-wah

• reverse guitar – Gibson Melody Maker SG

• amp used – Bluetone Shadows Jr.

Simble As That – Simble Overdrive

Simble Overdrive

Dumble-style overdrive pedal designed by Lassi Ukkonen and made by Mad Professor.


• Rhythm guitars – left: Kasuga ES-335 & Juketone True Blood; right: Fender Telecaster Custom & Juketone True Blood

• Lead guitar – Fender Stratocaster & Bluetone Shadows Jr.


• SENSITIVITY: Amount of distortion and compression.

• LEVEL: Output level.

• ACCENT: Adjusts the pick attack and brightness before the signal is overdriven.

• CONTOUR: Brightness of the output.


• Current draw: 10 mA at 9V DC approx.

• Input impedance: 430 kohm

• Output impedance: 50 kohm

• Voltage supply range: 9-12 V

• Silent True bypass

• Runs on 9 V battery or power supply (centre negative)

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