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Simble As That – Simble Overdrive

Simble Overdrive

Dumble-style overdrive pedal designed by Lassi Ukkonen and made by Mad Professor.


• Rhythm guitars – left: Kasuga ES-335 & Juketone True Blood; right: Fender Telecaster Custom & Juketone True Blood

• Lead guitar – Fender Stratocaster & Bluetone Shadows Jr.


• SENSITIVITY: Amount of distortion and compression.

• LEVEL: Output level.

• ACCENT: Adjusts the pick attack and brightness before the signal is overdriven.

• CONTOUR: Brightness of the output.


• Current draw: 10 mA at 9V DC approx.

• Input impedance: 430 kohm

• Output impedance: 50 kohm

• Voltage supply range: 9-12 V

• Silent True bypass

• Runs on 9 V battery or power supply (centre negative)


Seven bridge P-90s and humbuckers played through an overdriven combo

The bridge pickups of seven different guitars played through a crunchy setting on a Bluetone Shadows Jr. combo.

On the compilation track each guitar takes one turn with the order being:

Les Paul Junior –> Casino –> Kasuga –> Melody Maker SG –> G-400 –> Les Paul Standard –> Hamer


Tiistai on fuzzia täynnä! Guitar face galore!

Playing my Kasuga semi through an EH Nano Big Muff Pi, and making a few ”guitar faces” for good measure.   🙂

Kasuga –> Nano Big Muff Pi –> Blackstar HT-1R –> Focusrite Saffire 6 USB –> Garageband