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Review: Manuel Rodriguez Model A

Guitarras Manuel Rodriguez is a well-known maker of classical and Flamenco guitars, as well as cajons. Originally, Manuel Rodriguez was founded in Madrid in 1905. By 1994 the company had outgrown their original workshops, and made the move to a large, purpose-built facility in Esquivias in the the province of Toledo (central Spain).

The Manuel Rodriguez Model Clásica A is a solid-topped Spanish guitar aimed at the ambitious student or amateur, who wants to move up a few steps from the guitar he (or she) has started learning on.


The MR Model A (current price in Finland: 650 €) bears all the important hallmarks of a quality Spanish classical guitar.

The neck – which features a Spanish Heel – has been crafted from a gorgeous looking piece of African mahogany. The neck is a one-piece affair, save for the traditional addition of small pieces for the lower heel portion and part of the headstock.

The solid top uses tight-grained, bookmatched Canadian red cedar.

The only concession to price in the Model A comes in its use of laminated back and sides. But even if this isn’t solid wood, the Indian rosewood used is breathtakingly beautiful, both from the outside as well as looking in through the soundhole.

Both the top and the back sport intricate wooden binding.

The machine heads are traditional and of very decent quality.

The headstock veneer is rosewood, while the fingerboard has been made from a thick slab of ebony.

Both the top nut and the compensated (!) bridge saddle have been crafted from genuine bone.

Once again, very beautiful Indian rosewood is the material of choice for the Model A’s bridge.

Manuel Rodriguez’ intricate and colourful soundhole rosette is a very stylish touch.

The whole guitar comes in a natural gloss finish.


The Manuel Rodriguez Model A ticks all the right boxes if you’re looking for a high-quality alternative to an all-solid classical guitar.

This is a resonant and beautiful instrument that displays top-notch workmanship in every detail.

The neck profile is a slightly friendlier, more modern version of the traditional squarish design. The nut width is kept at a traditional 52 mm, but the transition between the flat back of the neck into its shoulders has been made a lot smoother and much less angular.

The action has been set at 3.6 mm for the low E-string and at 3.3 mm for the treble E. This gives you a player-friendly playing feel, but leaves enough fretboard clearance to really dig in for loud passages without fret buzz.

The compensated bridge saddle gives the Model A a very true intonation.

Being a solid-topped instrument, the Manuel Rodriguez A required a little bit of playing in to open up the guitar’s mid-range, but spending a few days of intensive playing will reap the rewards. This guitar has a charming clear and sweet voice that just makes you want to carry on playing. The factory-installed Savarez strings feel great and keep their tuning.


The Manuel Rodriguez Clásica A is a top-quality guitar. This instrument looks beautiful and plays like dream.

Don’t let anybody tell you that a laminated back automatically results in a dull and lifeless tone. The MR Model A’s sound is beautiful, dynamic and utterly inspiring!


Manuel Rodriguez Model A

650 €

Finnish distributor: Musamaailma


+ made in Spain

+ workmanship

+ playability

+ sound







Manuel Rodriguez Model A – the Kitarablogi-video

A short cover of the Beatles classic ”And I Love Her”.

Recorded with an AKG C3000.

Manuel Rodriguez Model A

• Made in Spain

• Top: solid Canadian cedar

• Sides: laminated Indian rosewood

• Back: laminated Indian rosewood

• Neck: African mahogany

• Headstock veneer: Indian rosewood

• Fingerboard: ebony

• Frets: 19

• Nut: Bone, 52mm

• Machine Heads: gold coloured

• Bridge: Indian rosewood

• Bindings: Indian rosewood

• Strings: Savarez

Finnish distributor: Musamaailma




Guitar Porn: Manuel Rodriguez Model A

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Manuel Rodriguez Model A ––– testi tulossa ––– working on a review

Maahantuoja: Musamaailma


Matkakitaroiden testi on ilmestynyt Rockway-blogiin

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Review: Fender Paramount PM-2 AM

Looking back, only 20 years ago an instrument’s country of origin tended to tell you much about its quality. American, European and Japanese guitars were ruling the roost, while Chinese instruments were clearly only meant for the entry-level market.

But not anymore: These days it’s all about decisions regarding an instrument’s price point and specifications, while the country of origin seems to lose much of its importance. It’s all about building methods and quality control, and less about geography.

The brand-new, all-mahogany member of Fender’s Paramount-series – the Fender PM-2 All Mahogany (price approx. 580 €) – is made in China to the highest quality standards.


Fender’s Paramount PM-2 AM is a parlour-sized steel-string acoustic (similar in size to C.F. Martin’s size 00) with a 12th fret neck joint.

Many acoustic guitarists claim that a 12-fret neck makes a guitar sound fuller and warmer, compared to a similar 14-fret neck guitar. This is probably thanks to the ”unsupported” part of the neck being shorter, and the body being slightly longer.

The whole soundbox has been crafted from beautiful solid mahogany.

The PM-2 All Mahogany sports a traditional dovetail set neck joint. The mahogany neck is one solid piece, save for a little glued-on bit, used for the neck heel.

Fender has chosen high-quality replicas of vintage open tuning machines for this Paramount.

Genuine bone is used for the PM-2 AM’s top nut and compensated bridge saddle.

Fender’s new model comes with a very thin satin finish, which gives the whole instrument a sensuous, natural open pore feeling.

The Fender PM-2 AM is a very pretty little thing in a stylishly understated way:

There’s multiply binding around the headstock and fingerboard. The top’s binding – as well as the back centre line – uses a checkerboard motif made from different woods…

…and the checkerboard theme also continues in the guitar’s rosette.

Fender’s Paramount PM-2 AM is sold with a high quality case.


Even though this Paramount-parlour clearly draws a lot of inspiration from vintage guitars from the 1920s and 30s, Fender has luckily added modern playability into the mix.

The neck profile is modern – instead of a Thirties-style big V-neck the Paramount comes with a player-friendly, slightly flattened C-profile. The frets are narrow, and the fretwork is excellent.

Our review sample of the PM-2 All Mahogany came with a first rate set-up. The action at the 12th fret measured 2.1 mm (low-E) and 1.7 mm (treble-e). The guitar plays like a dream, without even the hint of annoying fret rattling.

Guitars with a smaller body than the ubiquitous Dreadnought have become increasingly popular over the last decade or so, and there’s a reason for this. The PM-2 AM’s tighter and cleaner bass response (compared to a Dreadnought) makes it the ideal instrument for fingerstyle players, because of its open and well-balanced sound. Parlours generally also record very well in the studio, because the lower bass content makes them much easier to place in a busy mix.

Don’t get me wrong, though: The Fender PM-2 All Mahogany doesn’t sound thin, or puny, or sharp – its voice is beautiful, well-balanced and warm. It’s just that the tidier bass response will keep the bass register from swamping everything else, unlike when using certain Dreadnought models.


In my opinion the Fender Paramount PM-2 All Mahogany is a cracking small-bodied acoustic guitar! The PM-2 AM is a fantastic player, and it offers you the warm, but open tones, you’d associated with a quality exponent of the 00-size guitar.


Fender Paramount PM-2 All Mahogany

Price approx. 580 € (case included)

Contact: Fender

A big thank you goes to DLX Music Helsinki for the loan of the review instrument!


+ all-solid mahogany body

+ open pore satin finish

+ workmanship

+ soundSave













Testipenkissä: Fender Paramount PM-2 AM

Vielä kaksikymmentä vuotta sitten kitaran alkuperä vaikutti hyvinkin selkeästi soittimen laatuun. USA:ssa, Euroopassa tai Japanissa tehdyt kitarat olivat silloinkin yleensä hyvin laadukkaita, kun taas kiinalaiset soittimet olivat selvää halpistavaraa.

Ajat ovat kuitenkin muuttuneet, ja nykyään valmistusmaata enemmän merkitystä on valmistajan (tai valmistuttajan) päätöksillä valmiin soittimen hintaluokasta ja ominaisuuksista, sekä kyseisen pajan laadunvalvonnalla ja valmistusmenetelmillä.

Upouusi, kokonaan mahongista veistetty Fender Paramount -sarjan parlor-kokoinen edustaja – Fender PM-2 All Mahogany (hintaluokka noin 580 €) – on Kiinassa valmistettu, mutta korkeaan laatuun tähtäävä teräskielinen kitara.


Fender Paramount PM-2 AM on pienikokoinen teräskielinen (verrattavissa C.F. Martinin 00-kokoon), jossa on kaulaliitos 12. nauhan kohdalla.

Monet akustisten kitaroiden ystävät väittävät, että vanhanaikaisempi liitoskohta (12. Nauhan kohdalla) tekee soittimen soundista lämpimämmän, koska lyhyempi osa kaulaa on irrallaan kopasta, modernimpaan 14. nauhan liitokseen verrattuna.

Koppa on tehty yksinomaan mahongista (kokopuusta).

PM-2 All Mahagony -mallissa kaula on liitetty runkoon perinteiseen tapaan liimaamalla (lohenpyrstöliitoksella). Mahonkikaula on yksiosainen kaulan korkoa lukuun ottamatta.

Fender käyttää tässä Paramount-kitarassa laadukkaita uusintapainoksia avoimista vintage-virittimistä.

Sekä PM-2 AM:n yläsatula, että kitaran kompensoitu tallaluu on tehty aidosta naudanluusta.

Uutuuskitaran mattaviimeistely on hyvin ohut, minkä ansiosta puun syyt on tunnettavissa (ns. open pore finish), antaen kitaralle mukavan luonnollisen tuntuman.

Fender PM-2 AM:ssä on tyylikäs, muttei yliampuva koristelu:

Viritinlavan ja ruusupuisen otelaudan reunoissa on käytetty monikerroksista reunalistoitusta. Kopan kannen reunalistoituksessa on valkoisen muovin lisäksi puusta tehty šakkilautakuvio, ja sama motiivi toistuu myös pohjan keskiviivassa…

…sekä kaikuaukon rosetissa.

Fender Paramount PM-2 AM myydään omassa laadukkaassa kotelossa.


Vaikka tämän Paramount-parlorin inspiraatio on selkeästi vanhoissa 1920/30-luvun kitaroissa, on kitaran soitettavuus onneksi silkkaa nykypäivää.

Kaulan profiili on nykyaikainen, hiukan madallettu D, eikä 30-luvulla yleensä käytetty – mutta nykyään mielipiteitä jakava – jyrkkä V. Nauhat ovat kapeaa sorttia ja nauhoituksen työnjälki erittäin siistiä.

Testissä käyneen PM-2 All Mahagony -mallin trimmi on ensiluokkainen – 12. nauhan kohdalla kielten korkeudet ovat 2,1 mm (matala-E) ja 1,7 mm (diskantti-e) – ja kitara soi kauttaaltaan puhtaasti ja rämisemättä.

Dreadnought-kokoa pienemmät kitarat ovat viime vuosina kasvattaneet selvästi suosiotaan, ja siihen on syynsä. PM-2 AM:n hieman vähemmän korostettu bassoalue (dreadnoughtiin verrattuna) sopii monille sormisoittajille kuin nakutettu, koska kitaran yleissointi on avoimempi ja tasapainoisempi. Tällaisesta soundista on myös studiossa paljon iloa, koska tiheässä bändisovituksessa häiritseviä ylimääräisiä bassotaajuuksia ei tarvitse vaimentaa, minkä ansiosta pienikoppainen teräskielinen istuu usein heti kättelyssä hyvin miksiin.

Väärinkäsitysten välttämiseksi: Fender PM-2 All Mahogany ei ole missään nimessä laihasti, ponnettomasti tai terävästi soiva kitara, vaan sen soundi on hyvin miellyttävä ja lämmin. Tällaisen parlor-kitaran soinnissa vain bassotaajuudet eivät kumise samalla tavoin kuin monissa dreadnoughteissa.


Minun mielestäni Fender Paramount PM-2 All Mahogany on todella laadukas pienikoppainen kitara. PM-2 AM on helpposoittoinen ja se tarjoaa 00-kokoiselle kitaralle tyypillisen lämpimän, mutta avoimen soundin.


Fender Paramount PM-2 All Mahogany

Hintaluokka noin 580 € (kova laukku kuuluu hintaan)

Lisätiedot: Fender

Kiitos DLX Musiikille testisoittimen lainaamisesta!


+ kokopuinen mahonkikoppa

+ mattaviimeistely

+ työnjälki

+ soundiSave




Fender Paramount PM-2 All Mahogany – The Kitarablogi-video

Lisätiedot: Fender


Guitar Porn: Fender Paramount PM-2 AM Parlor

Lisätiedot: Fender


Testi tulossa +++ Review coming soon: Fender Paramount PM-2 AM Parlor