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In pictures – AJL-Guitars

AJL-Guitars – Olli Soikkeli model

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)

AJL-Guitars – headstocks

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)

AJL-Guitars – 19%22 Master 400

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)


In the autumn of 2013 Kitarablogi had the pleasure of visiting Ari-Jukka Luomaranta’s AJL-Guitars workshop in Kokkola.
Here are some of the pictures I took on that occasion:

AJ + Model XO 2

AJL Guitars – wood 2

AJL Guitars – top-grade maple

AJL Guitars – tops + fretboards

AJ + neck blanks

AJL Guitars – headstock joint

AJL Guitars – neck glue line

AJL Guitars – 3-pc maple neck blanks

AJL Guitars – different side dots

AJ + top

AJL Guitars – ladder bracing

AJL Guitars – neck angle

AJL Guitars – backs

AJL-Guitars – back and rim sample

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)

AJL Guitars – back bracing

AJL Guitars – raw soundboxes

AJL Guitars – soundboxes 3

AJL Guitars – rosettes

AJL Guitars – bundles of binding

AJL Guitars – close-up binding

AJL Guitars – tuners

AJL Guitars – bridge blanks

AJL-Guitars – X-O bridge

AJL Guitars – AJL tailpiece

AJ + highly figured guitar

AJL-Guitars – XO-model soundhole

(picture courtesy of AJL-Guitars)

AJL Guitars – Swingmaster PU

AJL Guitars – Swingmaster innards

AJL Guitars – handmade case

AJ + Model XO

Find out more about AJL-Guitars on their WEBSITE or on FACEBOOK.
AJL-Guitars will also be at The Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, Germany, in November!