Tulossa Rockway-blogiin: Kala ELVIS Ukulele Starter Kits

KALA now offers three ELVIS-themed concert ukulele starter kits.
• Kala Elvis Rockabilly Edition
• Kala Elvis Blue Hawaii Edition
• Kala Elvis Viva Las Vegas Edition
Each starter kit comprises the concert sized uke with the appropriate graphic finish, a clip-on tuner, a starter’s guide including songs from the corresponding era of Elvis’ career, as well as links to ukulele lessons and a free tuning app download.
This demo is based on the Elvis classic ”In The Ghetto” (written by Mac Davis).
• All ukulele tracks were recorded with a Røde M5 condenser microphone plugged into a Cranborne Audio Camden EC2 preamp.
• The three rhythm parts were played on all three kits.
• The lead part was played on the Elvis Viva Las Vegas uke.
• The high register ”answer” parts were played on the Elvis Blue Hawaii and the Elvis Rockabilly.

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