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Juha Ruokangas: Why do handmade guitars cost so much? – Part 2


Juha Ruokangas: Why do handmade guitars cost so much?


Ruokangas Guitars launches new website


Finland’s largest guitar maker Ruokangas Guitars has launched a sleek new website.


The new Ruokangas website features updated product information…



…and a very informative section on the company’s long list of players.

A spanking-new 3D-version of the Ruokangas Guitar Creator is about to be introduced very soon.



Pictures from the Fuzz Guitar Show 2016

Finnish luthiers were well represented at this year’s Fuzz Guitar Show in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Fuzz 2016 – Vuorensaku

Vuorensaku’s Saku Vuori displayed his aged T-Family guitars and basses, as well as his hand-wound pickups.

Fuzz 2016 – Vuorensaku Schneekloth

Vintage & Rare’s Nicolai Schneekloth took time to check out Vuorensaku’s instruments.

Fuzz 2016 – Olli Viitasaari + Tommy Sahlin

Here’s Viitasaari Guitar’s Olli Viitasaari (r) together with Swedish guitarist Tommy Sahlin (l).

Fuzz 2016 – visitor at Viitasaari Guitars

This red Viitasaari OM comes equipped with three pickups and a five-way switch.

Fuzz 2016 – Ruokangas

Ruokangas Guitar’s display included a lefty Mojo model and one of the new Unicorn Supersonics.

Fuzz 2016 – visitor checking out a Ruokangas Unicorn Supersonic

Here’s the Unicorn Supersonic in the hands of a Fuzz Show visitor.


Fuzz 2016 – Tokai Guitars Nordic 1

Finnish distributor and instrument retailer Musamaailma now offers Tokai guitar and bass models in Sweden under the Tokai Guitars Nordic banner.

Fuzz 2016 – Tokai Guitars Nordic 2


Fuzz 2015 – Mad Professor 1

Finnish amp and effects company Mad Professor was represented at the show by its Swedish distributor These Go To Eleven.


Find Kitarablogi’s complete Fuzz Guitar Show 2016 picture gallery HERE.


Tavataan Göteborgissa – Fuzz Guitar Show 2016

Fuzz Guitar Show 2016

Ensi viikonloppuna pidetään jälleen Fuzz Guitar Show -tapahtuma Ruotsin Göteborgissa.

Fuzz Guitar Showssa voi kokeilla maahantuojien uutuudet, tavata soitinrakentajia ja vahvistintekijää, sekä ostaa kitaranosia tai vintage-soittimia.

Myös tänä vuonna Fuzzissa nähdään suomalaisia edustajia – mukana ovat mm. Tokai Guitars Nordic/Musamaailma, Ruokangas Guitars, Viitasaari Guitars, Vuorensaku Instruments ja Mad Professor.

Löydät Kitarablogin kuvat viime vuoden tapahtumasta TÄSSÄ.


Press Release: Ruokangas Guitars release two new models

Ruokangas Guitars celebrate their 20th Anniversary by releasing two new models:

Unicorn Supersonic™

The Supersonic features a new unique Bare Bone™ finish by Ruokangas. Another new original feature are the Lock-Thru-Body™ bridge bushings, that make the guitar stronger (the wraparound bridge will not bend forward over time), and guarantee unparalleled energy transfer from the bridge into the body of the guitar.
Selling Price starting from: 3 700 €
Supersonic as pictured: 3 950 € (varies depending on options)

Ruokangas Unicorn Supersonic – Press lrg


Aeon™ Classic/Deluxe/Artist

The Aeon comes in three versions – the Classic with a thermo-treated alder body and bolt-on neck – the Deluxe with a spanish cedar body, an arctic birch top and a bolt-on neck – and the Artist with a spanish cedar body, an arctic birch top and neck-thru-construction. As always with Ruokangas, you have a truckload of options for customizing the guitar to fit your style. The word ‘Aeon’ is latin, and means ‘infinity’.
Selling Price starting from: 3 200 €
Aeon Artist as pictured: 8 000 € (varies depending on options)

Ruokangas Aeon Artist – Press lrg


Contact: Ruokangas Guitars


THIS WEEKEND: The Holy Grail Guitar Show – Berlin, November 15th & 16th, 2014


The Holy Grail Guitar Show is your chance to get up close and personal with the crème de la crème of small-series and custom guitar makers and luthiers from around the globe!

The Holy Grail Guitar Show – which is put on by the association of European Guitar Builders – will be held at the Estrel Berlin Hotel and Congress Centre in Berlin (Germany) on the 15th and 16th of November.

While the show’s main focus will lie on European builders, the Holy Grail Guitar Show’s exhibitor list (of more than 100 different companies) does include high-end makers from all around the world.

You can find more information HERE. will be there, too!


Here’s a word from EGB vice president Juha Ruokangas:


Turenki Tonefest 2014 – the video


Turenki Tonefest 2014 – kuvat

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Asgard Guitars



Aurora Guitars


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Ben Granfelt


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Finlandia Instruments

Finlandia Instruments


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Hehku Custom Amplifiers




HOS Guitars



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J. Leachim Music


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Kämäräinen + Haavisto

Olli Haavisto + Timo Kämäräinen


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Kataja Custom Shop


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Luthier Sami Koivisto


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Ruokangas Guitars



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Wetterstrand Instruments


Juha Ruokangas – Custom Soundsin Toneviikoilla


Ruokangas Guitars @ Custom Sounds