Työn alla Rockway-blogille: Pienet harjoitusvahvistimet

Here’s a demo song featuring six small practice amps. Each amp is used for the three guitar tracks in each section:
• Rhythm guitar (left channel) – Fender (Japan) ’62 Telecaster Custom Reissue
• Rhythm guitar (right) – Arvo Guitars Arvo Original
• Lead guitar – Hamer USA Studio Custom
All effects on the guitar tracks come from the amps themselves.
• Bass guitar – Spector NS Pulse I
The practice amps are:
Yamaha THR5 Version 2
Vox Pathfinder 10
Mooer Hornet Black
Marshall MG15FX Gold
Kustom Mod-L20
Blackstar Debut 15E
The guitar tracks were recorded with a Shure SM7B and a Cranborne Audio Camden EC2 into a Universal Audio Volt 2 audio interface.

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