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Ruokangas 20th Anniversary + Mr. Fastfinger 10th Anniversary Party

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ruokangas Guitars and the 10th anniversary of Mr. Fastfinger, Juha Ruokangas and Mika Tyyskä (the creative brain behind Mr. Fastfinger) threw an invite-only party in Helsinki’s Cinema Andorra/Dubrovnik Bar complex.

Ruokangas 20th – Juha + Emma

Juha Ruokangas (centre) and his wife Emma were on hand to greet their guests (yes, this is Finnish Prog Rock legend Jukka Tolonen on the right)…

Ruokangas 20th – Mika in conversation

…as was guitar virtuoso (and animator) Mika Tyyskä.

Ruokangas 20th – Dubrovnik 3

Ruokangas 20th – Koski + Torvinen

The Dubrovnik quickly filled with illustrious guests, such as Mad Professor’s main man Harri Koski (left) and – legendary Finnish band – Eppu Normaali’s guitarist Juha Torvinen (centre).

Ruokangas 20th – Puppe

Here’s Finnish bass ace Jan-Olof Strandberg (centre) joining the party.

Ruokangas 20th – opening Juha + Mika 3

Ruokangas 20th – opening Juha + Mika 4

Ruokangas 20th – opening audience

Juha and Mika officially opened the evening by taking to the stage and sharing a drink with their guests.

The centrepiece of the evening was the world premiere of Ruokangas Guitars’ and Mr. Fastfinger’s joint movie ”The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt”, which will be released in segments on You Tube. The invited guests were shown the full movie.

Ruokangas 20th – anticipation 3

Ruokangas 20th – movie intro

A few words from the hosts, and then it was time for the world premiere:

Ruokangas 20th – standing ovations

The film received standing ovations.

Ruokangas 20th – the creative team

The creative team behind the ”Guitar Hunt”…

Ruokangas 20th – buffet 2

Ruokangas 20th – Ze Stage

The premiere was followed by delicious food, as well as great live music from Antti Paranko and his band, and Mr. Fastfinger.


Juha Ruokangas – Custom Soundsin Toneviikoilla


Ruokangas Guitars @ Custom Sounds


Guitar Porn – Turenki Tonefest 2013

Tonefest 13 – AJL

Ari-Jukka Luomaranta and a pair of AJL-Guitars’ XO-models.


Tonefest 13 – Aurora

Aurora Guitars, and their slant on the famous Bigsby solidbody.


Tonefest 13 – Bluetone

A tasty Bluetone Amps tweed combo.


Tonefest 13 – Custom Sounds 2

Tonefest 13 – Custom Sounds

Custom Sounds display some of their custom-made pedalboards.


Tonefest 13 – Finlandia

Finlandia Instruments’ Costellobird (on the right) is based on an old JAK model.


Tonefest 13 – Halla

Tonefest 13 – Halla 2

A real eye-catcher from Halla Custom Instruments – a guitar with a body made from very rustic alder.


Tonefest 13 – HOS

A futuristic-looking HOS Guitars model.


Tonefest 13 – Ikaalinen 2

Tonefest 13 – Ikaalinen

These instruments were made by luthiery students at IKATA.


Tonefest 13 – Jasesoi

Some of Soitinpaja JaSeSoi’s acoustic models.


Tonefest 13 – Kalluste

Kalluste Guitars from Estonia.


Tonefest 13 – Kitarapaja 2

Tonefest 13 – Kitarapaja

Swart amps and Fano guitars are among the brands displayed by Kitarapaja.


Tonefest 13 – Koivisto

Koivisto Guitars with two electric models and an interesting lute-type design.


Tonefest 13 – Monster 2

Tonefest 13 – Monster

Monster Custom Amps and Visual Clone Guitars – the cool factor is built-in.


Tonefest 13 – Oakbridge

Tonefest 13 – Oakbridge 2

Oakbridge Instruments specialise in acoustic instruments.


Tonefest 13 – Veijo Rautia

Tonefest 13 – Rautia 3

Tonefest 13 – Rautia 2

Veijo Rautia gives you lots of electric mojo with his custom guitars and pickups.


Tonefest 13 – Romu

Romu Amps from Estonia


Tonefest 13 – Markus Setzer

German master bassist Markus Setzer digs the new fretless version of the Ruokangas Steambass.

Tonefest 13 – Ruokangas

Tonefest 2013 – Ruokangas 2

Tonefest 13 – Setzer & Paranko

Antti Paranko and Markus Setzer in action with their Ruokangas instruments.


Tonefest 13 – Tyyster

Tyyster gives you plenty of rootsy tone and cool retro looks from metal topped guitars.


Tonefest 13 – Halme

Saturday saw lots of live action from Pauli Halme’s record release gig…

Tonefest 13 – Kela

…to Anssi Kela and Tuomas Wäinölä.


Turenki Tonefest 2013 (16. + 17.11.2013)


Turenki Tonefest 2013 – The Video


Tonefest 2013 – Ruokangas 2

Turenki Tonefest 2013 (16. + 17.11.2013)


Musikmesse 2013: Ruokangas Unicorn Artisan

Ruokangas Unicorn Artisan

Press Release:

Ruokangas Guitars have launched a semi-hollow version of their Unicorn -model, a single-cut carved top electric. Master luthier Juha Ruokangas is known as a pioneer of using Spanish Cedar and Arctic Birch tonewoods in his guitars, and the Unicorn Artisan follows this trademark wood recipe as well.

The light weight body and the set-in neck of the guitar are made of Spanish Cedar, the top wood is Finnish Arctic Birch and the fretboard options include East Indian Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood (CITES), Ebony and Arctic Birch. Other specs include handwound Unicorn Custom pickups, TonePros locking bridge and aluminium tailpiece, 2-way truss rod, stainless steel frets and Gotoh SD510 tuners.

As always, you can customize your Ruokangas guitar in a lot of different ways. We offer loads of colors, various top grades, neck profiles, fret sizes, wirings, finishes etc. Go create your own Unicorn Artisan in the Ruokangas Guitar Builder (TM) online guitar configurator tool.



The Ruokangas Mojo King in action!

Played by Antti Paranko.