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Testi tulossa ++ Working on a review ++ Halla Custom HallaBird

Contact: Halla Custom Instruments


The TOOB – Testi tulossa – Review coming soon


Hagström Fantomen ++ Testi tulossa ++ Working on a review

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Bluetone Shadows Jr – The Kitarablogi video

Bluetone Shadows Jr.

• Handmade in Finland
• All-valve Class AB single-channel combo
• 10 W, 2 W or 0.2 W of output power (OPC)
• Diode recitified
• Two-band EQ
• PPIMV Master Volume
• Built-in buffered FX loop/booster
• 3 x ECC83 (12AX7) & 2 x EL84
• One 10-inch WGS Green Beret speaker (25 Watts/8 Ohms)

Demo Track

All guitars recorded with the Bluetone Shadows Jr. (no pedal effects used). Delay and reverb added during mixdown.

• Rhythm guitars: Fender Stratocaster (left channel) & Gibson Les Paul Junior (right channel)
• Lead guitar: Hamer USA Studio Custom

Recorded with a Shure SM57.



Tokai TJM-140 – The Kitarablogi video

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Guitar Porn: Tokai TJM-140

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Tokai TJM-140 +++ Testi tulossa +++ Working on a review

Tokai TJM-140

Japanese copy of a Fender Jazzmaster. The test guitar came upgraded with a set of Duncan Antiquities.


All guitar tracks recorded with a Bluetone Shadows Jr. combo, a Boss SD-1 Overdrive pedal, and a Shure SM57 microphone.

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Testi tulossa === Review coming soon === Bluetone Shadows Jr

Contact: Bluetone Amps


Huomenna: Tokai TST-50 Modern


Now on SoundCloud: Mustang GT40

Fender Mustang GT40

• Digital practice and recording amp
• 40 W power (2x 20 W)
• Speakers: 2x 6.5″
• 21 Amp models
• 47 Effects
• Controls for Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass & Master
• Three layer buttons
• Tap button
• USB recording output
• Aux input
• Headphone output
• Digital chromatic tuner
• Bluetooth audio streaming
• Easy WIFI firmware and feature updates
• Editing and sharing via Fender Tone app (iOS & Android)


Demo tracks recorded with a pair of Shure SM57s.
Guitars used – Fender (Japan) ’62 Telecaster Custom reissue & Hamer USA Studio Custom