Schecter PT – the guitar that started it all

The year was 1979 and The Who’s Pete Townshend was looking for a sturdier and lighter guitar than his modded Gibson Les Paul Deluxe.

Townshend’s then guitar technician Alan Rogan went out and bought a humbucker-equipped Telecaster-style guitar made from Schecter parts in New York.

Pete fell in love with the guitar, and a while later commisioned more guitars using Schecter parts from British luthier Roger Giffin.

When Giffin went to the USA to work for Gibson’s West Coast Custom Shop, Schecter started building the Townshend-model themselves (before this they had mostly manufactured parts, and only a handful one-off-guitars).

Schecter is still manufacturing the PT-model, these days it’s part of their mid-priced Diamond-series.


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