Preview: GrassRoots (by ESP) LPS-Mini

”Honey, I’ve shrunk my guitar!” The GrassRoots LPS-Mini may look cute and cuddly, but it’s a real electric guitar.
It’s built like a full-size LP-type guitar, but has a short scale of only 20.5 inches. The LPS-Mini sports a single (bridge) humbucker, and it also comes with a built-in guitar amp and speaker (inside the ”neck pickup”).
Use a set of 011-gauge strings for a fairly normal feel in standard tuning, or use it with a lighter gauge if you want to tune a few steps up.
Here’s a short version of Erroll Garner’s timeless classic ”Misty”.
• All guitar parts were played on the GrassRoots (by ESP) LPS-Mini.
• The guitar was plugged into a Bluetone Black Prince Reverb combo.
• The guitar tracks were recorded with an inexpensive ribbon microphone and a Cranborne Audio Camden EC2 preamp.


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