Carlos Santana is my Tone God!

Last Monday Carlos Santana and his excellent band played in Helsinki’s football stadium (that’s soccer to you Americans).

Fantastic sound, great musicianship – it really was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!

If you have a chance to see Santana on the current European tour, you should really do so  😉


I simply adore Carlos’ lead sound.

Here’s a short bit paying homage to the man: Hairloss Manana

I recorded it using two review guitars:

• a PRS SE Custom for the rhythm parts

• a PRS McCarty for the lead

I’m not ashamed to admit I used a Behringer V-Amp2 in front of my Pro Tools -system.


Last month I recorded this song to test a Tascam Portastudio for Riffi: Guitar (G-A-S)

I didn’t plan on recording something Santana-ish – it simply happened.

By the way, the whole thing was recorded using only real instruments (and without a click-track).

The guitar is an Epiphone Slash Goldtop through a Mad Professor Little Green Wonder into a Fender ’57 Twin-Amp reissue.


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