Turenki Tonefest 2011 – Finland’s Finest On Display

Yesterday Finland’s top luthiers got together for Turenki Tonefest 2011 at Turenki’s picturesque Vanha Asema.
Alongside the instruments and amps on display there was also live music (and even drums).

Turenki Tonefest really drew in the crowds! It was a great success that hopefully will be repeated next year.

photos: Miloš Berka


Here I’m checking out some new Mad Professor pedals through a Mad Professor -amp. Tonefest’s organiser and Mad Professor main man Harri Koski is watching the proceedings.

The new Snow White -pedal must be one of the juiciest auto-wahs on the planet!


You wouldn’t believe this, but let me tell you that the some of the best Selmer- and Maccaferri-style guitars you’ll find are made right here in Finland by AJL-Guitars in Kokkola.

Ari-Jukka Luomaranta also specialises in carved top jazz guitars.


Anders Liljeström has managed to fill his brand-new Tvango-model with the soul of a big jazz box.

The pickup is Lollar’s version of the Gibson Charlie Christian.


Amfisound are the guys to turn to if you want far-out finishes on no-compromise solidbodies.


Soitinpaja JaSeSoi showed a very special mandolin at Tonefest. The three soundholes give the instrument a sweet and airy tone.


Lottonen Guitars displayed a wealth of different models.

Juha Lottonen’s brand-new travel guitar features a full Gibson-scale and some ultra-cool looks.


Olav Löf’s mid-sided acoustic has an octave g-string for 12-string style sounds.


Sale Custom Guitars’s Rising Horse-model is not a million miles away from a certain Swedish-bloke’s favourite squeeze.


Monster Amp and Visual Clone Guitars – something for the ears and the eyes.


Finlandia Instruments’ stylish Byrdland-type model gave me a real buzz.


Sadly Kitarablogi.Com didn’t get a good picture of Ruokangas Guitars’ new gold-top Unicorn Classic, so here’s one from their archives:


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