Now on SoundCloud: DV Mark Multiamp FG

• fully programmable digital amp head
• Frank Gambale’s signature presets
• fully-featured amp, cabinet and microphone modelling
• wide range of digital effects
• stereo power amp section (2 x 150 W @ 8 ohm; 2 x 250 W @ 4 ohm)

Demo Track
• two clean rhythm guitars – Fender Telecaster (left channel) & Kasuga ES-335 copy (right channel)
• two auto-wah/filter rhythm guitars – Fender Stratocaster (left) & Gibson Melody Maker SG (right)
• lead guitar – Gibson Melody Maker SG
• all guitar tracks recorded direct using Frank Gambale presets (no added effects) via the Multiamp’s balanced XLR-output

Lisätiedot: Musamaailma


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