Testi tulossa *** Working on a review *** TOOB 12B



• Body: 315 mm corrugated, double-wall Polypropylene pipe (Black or Cinnamon), RoHS certified
• Impact resistant ABS plastic closing ring
• Celestion BN12-300 12″ Neodymium driver, rated 300 W max., 8 ohm, 50-4,000 Hz
• Heavy-duty steel grill with T-logo
• Resilient EPDM gasket
• Vintage-style leather handle
• Half-open back with Tone Cushion
• One 1/4″ Switchcraft mono jack, one Neutrik Speakon connector, parallel connected
• Wiring 1,5 mm2 speaker cable, high-quality quick connectors
• Contoured saddle, with hook-and-loop fasteners for micro amp
• Removable stand of 5 mm zinc plated steel
• All fixtures bolt-through
• Delivered with 40 cm connecting cable and fastener strips


Recorded using a Gallien-Krueger MB200 amp head and a Shure SM57.


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