Review: Jericho Guitars Fusion

Usually, we get the products we review from the Finnish distributors, or directly from Finnish guitar- or amp-makers.

This time, though, I was approached by guitarist Jaakko Rytsölä. Jaakko had ordered a guitar for himself, liked what he got, and is now thinking seriously about importing this brand, in partnership with Espoo-based company Guitarworx.

Jericho Guitars – who are based in Plano, Texas – are a brand specialising exclusively in long-scale baritone electric guitars. Jericho use what they call a ping-pong manufacturing process: The raw tonewood is hand-selected at a wood supplier in British Columbia (Canada), and then sent to a manufacturer in South Korea for all the basic neck and body work. The half-finished guitars are then shipped back to Texas, where they are assembled and set up. According to Jericho, this process results in high-quality instruments with a player-friendly price tag.

Jericho have already caused quite a few waves with their Avenger model, which is squarely aimed at the Hard ’n’ Heavy crowd. Now the company has introduced a new model, called the Jericho Fusion. We received a preproduction version of the Jericho Fusion Black And Gold-version for review.


Jericho Fusion – full front – smaller

The Jericho Fusion (price in Finland approximately 999 €) is a sleek and elegant baritone guitar, with a body outline that is based on the venerable Fender Telecaster.

The Fusion has a three-piece mahogany set neck, as well as a mahogany body with a contoured front.

The Fusion has a scale length of 26.9″, which means 68.3 cm in the metric system.

Jericho Fusion – back beauty

The body’s back features a generous rib cage chamfer.

Jericho Fusion – headstock

Jericho’s headstock design looks very nice, and offers almost straight string pull, which is a definite plus for tuning stability.

The Fusion comes with a self-lubricating black Graph Tech Tusq XL nut.

Jericho Fusion – tuners

A set of golden Grover Rotomatics keeps the tuning solid.

Jericho Fusion – fingerboard

The black ebony fretboard sports 22 medium-sized frets.

Jericho Fusion – bridge

The bridge is a chunky Hipshot design, constructed from a machined brass base and stainless steel bridge saddles.

Jericho Fusion – pickups

The Jericho Fusion comes equipped with a classic pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers – a ’59-model in the neck position, and a Custom TB-5 at the bridge.

Jericho Fusion – controls

The guitar’s controls are configured in traditional Les Paul-style, giving you independent volume and tone controls for each pickup.

Jericho Fusion – control cavity NEW

A look under the hood reveals quality components and clean workmanship. Our preproduction review guitar has regular Les Paul-style wiring, but production models will come with push/pull-pots for splitting the humbuckers.


Jericho Fusion – beauty shot 2

The Jericho Fusion is a great player. Actually – and this might come as a bit of a surprise – it is very easy for the guitarist to adjust to the longer-than-usual scale length. After a minute or two, you simply forget about the longer scale, and just get on with playing.

The guitar’s neck profile is a neither too slim, nor too fat, ”D”. Our review sample had a comfortable medium weight, and it came with a very low and slinky setup.

While Jericho’s Avenger was designed to be a balls-to-the-wall Metal-machine, the new Fusion model covers much more musical and tonal ground, thanks to its less powerful pickups. Don’t worry, the Jericho Fusion can do the head-banging stuff with aplomb, too, but this guitar also holds very lush clean tones in store, should you be so inclined.

Here’s a short clip of all three toggle switch settings (starting at the neck), played through a clean amplifier:

And here’s the audio track from the You Tube-video:

Jericho Fusion – body beauty


Jericho Fusion – beauty shot – NEW

Jericho Guitars’ Fusion is a great-playing, versatile modern baritone electric. This guitar is well-made, no-nonsense tone machine for the player who wants to go low or even lower. Let’s hope that Jericho’s instruments will soon become more widely available in Finland.


Jericho Guitars Fusion

Price in Finland: c. 999 €

Tiedustelut: Guitarworx



+ elegant design

+ workmanship

+ playability

+ sound

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