Bluetone Black Prince Reverb (2021) – demobiisi – demo song

All guitar tracks recorded with a ribbon microphone.

• Lead guitar – Hamer USA Studio Custom

• Rhythm guitars – Gibson Les Paul Junior (left channel) & Fender ’62 Telecaster Custom Reissue (right)

Bluetone Black Prince Reverb

• Inspired by a Fender Blackface Princeton

• Controls for Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Tremolo Speed, Tremolo Depth, Solo Boost, Master Volume

• Power amp comes with a pair of 6V6GTs (14-15 W); can run on other octal tubes also, like a pair of EL34s (28-30 W)

• Genuine spring reverb (switchable)

• Bias-modulated tremolo (switchable)

• Solo Boost (switchable)

• 12-inch Celestion Neo Creamback (other options available)

• Three-switch footswitch unit included


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