Namm 2014 – Hartke HD bass combos


The all-new HD Series Bass Combos pack Hartke’s revolutionary HyDrive speakers in four sleek models (HD25, HD50, HD75, HD150) ideal for bedroom practice/jam sessions and small rehearsal spaces/performance venues, and capable of greatly enriching your low-end tone. The HD combos also maintain Hartke’s commitment to producing high quality bass amplification with exceptional durability. 

 The HD25 (25 watts, 8-inch driver), HD50 (50 watts, 1-inch driver), HD75 (75 watts, 12-inch driver, 2-inch tweeter) and HD150 (150 watts, 15-inch driver, 2-inch tweeter) employ Hartke’s patented HyDrive speaker technology that utilizes a hybrid paper and aluminum cone attached to a ceramic magnet. The tone produced by the HyDrive design sparked a revolution in bass speaker technology with the paper providing warmth and roundness and the aluminum offering the punchy attack that appeals to player and listeners alike.

Packed with professional features, all of the HD Series combos are designed to be user friendly and reliable for players of all levels. Each combo offers Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble controls (7-band graphic EQ available on HD75 and HD150) on their top-mounted amplifier panels, allowing for easy adjustments. The combos feature a 1/8-inch stereo Aux input for playing along with your favorite tracks via an MP3 player and a 1⁄4-inch headphone output for more intimate practice sessions. The HD150 also has an XLR direct output for routing your signal to a mixer in both live and studio settings. In addition, the combos each have a built-in limiter to ensure constant amp operation at a safe levels. Lastly, these solid enclosures are finished in a stylish fashion, each with a sleek, perforated black metal grill and convenient transport tooling (HD25, HD50, HD75: molded strap top handle, HD150: side handles and castors).

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