The Making of a Bluetone Amp – Part 4

Bluetone part 4 – 2

So here’s the finished guitar amplifier:

The new Bluetone Crossroad 2+2 amp head is fitted inside its cabinet, and Bluetone’s game-changing wifi-software is up and running smoothly.

Bluetone part 4 – 3

Bluetone’s wifi-protocol makes it easy to check and readjust the tube bias on your amplifier’s power tubes. No engineering degree or special tools needed – you only have to have a mobile device or computer to hand.

Bluetone part 4 – 4

The amp head is accessed as a web-address. The correct bias values for the power amp valves fitting your amp are listed in the owner’s manual. All you have to do is to type the new bias values into the correct fields, and save them by pressing the ”Change Bias” buttons.

Bluetone part 4 – 1

This is what the finished half-stack looks like. It has already been taken home by its lucky owner.

Contact: Bluetone


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