The Making of a Bluetone Amp – Part 3

Bluetone Pt3 – 1

The time-consuming process of hand-wiring, assembling and soldering the innards of the new Bluetone Crossroad amp head was practically finished by the start of last week. The only thing still missing was the software to run the wifi power valve biasing (the traditional, hardwired bias adjustment already worked, of course).

Bluetone Pt3 – 2

Bluetone Pt3 – 3

Bluetone Pt3 – 4

This is the way a custom-made guitar amplifier should look on the inside – exemplary workmanship and top grade components.

Bluetone Pt3 – 5

Bluetone Pt3 – 6

Bluetone Pt3 – 7

There was still a tiny bit of adjustment work to be done on the metal chassis to make it fit properly into its cabinet.

Bluetone Pt3 –8

When all is finished the control panel should be flush with the cloth grille.

From a tonal perspective the Crossroad-head was all dialled-in, thoroughly checked and rearing to go. Matti and Harry gave me a run-through of the sounds offered by this amp’s three channels, and I must say it sounded fantastic!

Only a few hours after my visit to Bluetone’s HQ, I got a message from Harry that the wifi-application had arrived for inclusion in the head.


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