Now on SoundCloud: Bluetone Black Prince Reverb combo

Bluetone Black Prince Reverb – teaser 2

• Handmade in Finland
• Approx. 20 Watts of output power
• Single-channel valve amp
• Three-band EQ with Presence switch
• Valve-driven MOD spring reverb
• Valve-driven tremolo effect with Speed and Depth controls
• PPI Master Volume control
• Single 10-inch WGS Retro speaker
• Four preamp valves (3 x 12AX7; 1 x 12AT7)
• Two power valves (2 x 6V6GT)
• Can also be run with two 6L6GC power valves (25-30 W output)
• More info at:

Demo Track (inspired by ”I Wish It Would Rain Down” by Phil Collins)
• Rhythm Guitar tracks – Fender Stratocaster
• Lead Guitar – Hamer USA Studio Custom
• Joyo JF-37 Analog Chorus
• Joyo JF-01 Vintage Overdrive
• Recorded with a Shure SM57

Bluetone Black Prince Reverb – teaser



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