Review: Tanglewood TW1000N – English summary


Tanglewood Guitars combines British design with quality luthiery from Asia for a winning value-for-money-mix. Especially the brand’s acoustic guitars have won over many fans.

The Tanglewood TW1000N (current price in Finland: 721 €) is a real Dreadnought-beauty from the company’s Sundance-series, and features a solid spruce top mated to a laminated back and sides made of rosewood.

The bound headstock looks fashionably understated, sporting a rosewood veneer, as well as the company logo in abalone.

The nicely finished top nut is genuine bone.

A volute strengthens the area where the neck changes into the headstock. The gold-coloured tuners are sealed Grover Rotomatics.

The TW1000N’s neck is a one-piece mahogany affair, save for a small glued-on bit for the neck heel.

Tanglewood have added a nice little detail for the gigging guitarist – a second strap button.

The TW1000N has been generously endowed in the looks stakes, but always with good taste. We find abalone hexagons inlaid into the nice-looking rosewood fretboard, as well as herringbone binding around the guitar’s top.

Black and white rings coupled with cleanly inlaid abalone make up the soundhole rosette.

The bridge is Tanglewood’s own design, crafted from a fine piece of rosewood on the test sample. The compensated saddle is made from genuine bone.


It’s not hard to fall in love with the Tanglewood TW1000N – this guitar possesses timeless beauty, is easy to play and sounds magnificent!

The neck profile is a very friendly, medium-depth ”C”, with the satin finish and the well-dressed medium frets doing their bit to keep the feel comfortably modern.

As is the case with many D-sized guitars, the TW1000 has a nice middle-of-the-road set-up, with a neck width of 44 mm at the nut and a string spacing of 53 cm (E–e), working equally well for strummers as well as pickers.

With the factory-supplied Elixir Nanoweb Light 12–53 -strings the Tanglewoodin sounds well-rounded and warm, with clear top-end definition and a dose of sparkle.

The dynamic range on offer is impressive and the guitar projects well. There’s a good whack of attack on offer, when you dig in with a plectrum, while the sound stays nicely focussed and transparent when fingerpicked.

Here are two examples recorded using a Zoom H1:

Tanglewood TW 1000 N – fingerstyle

Tanglewood TW 1000 N – strumming

In the TW1000N’s case you don’t pay through the nose for perceived status or the name on the headstock; with Tanglewood you get a great guitar for your hard-earned money.


Tanglewood TW1000N

Current price in Finland: 721 €

Finnish distributor: Musamaailma



+ workmanship

+ neck profile

+ playability

+ sound

+ value-for-money

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