Coming soon – Amfisound Guitars visited Amfisound Guitars’ workshop near Oulu today. There will be a full report in the very near future, but here’s a short preview for you all:

Amfisound is run by the creative tandem of master luthiers Sampo Leppävuori and Tomi Korkalainen.

AMfisound – Sampo Leppävuori

Sampo’s heart beats for classically styled guitars and basses with a contemporary twist…

Amfisound – Tomi Korkalainen

…while Tomi is the mastermind behind Amfisound’s more Metal-oriented guitars.

Amfisound – custom finish 2

Amfisound Guitars’ special forte is their mastery of the art of the custom finish.

Amfisound – Finnish Flag finish

A guitar looking like a Finnish flag hewn from granite? No problem!

Amfisound – basses

But there are also plenty of classic options for friends of the more traditional look.

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