First Look: Markbass EVO 1

MarkBass EVO 1

• 500 W modelling bass amp head
• Two channels with six amp types each
• One effect per channel
• Built-in tuner
• Two FX loops
• Both channels can also be mixed
• Full editability via USB using MarkBass’ EVO 1 Software (Win/Mac)
• Optional EVO 1 five-button controller available


Demo Track:

• All bass tracks recorded via a MarkBass 4 x 10 cabinet and a Shure SM57
• Reverb and delay added during mixdown

Basses used in the demo track:

• Epiphone Thunderbird IV
• G&L JB-2
• LTD (by ESP) B-50 EMG
• Samick Greg Bennett Delta DB-104
• Sterling (by MM) SUB Ray4


Distributor: Musamaailma



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